Basic Needs: Justin’s Story

On this Giving Tuesday, we’re excited to introduce Justin, a former resident whose life was transformed by the generosity of our supportive community.

When he arrived at Dismas House, Justin was blown away by the warm environment he discovered. Having grown up in a broken home, he particularly enjoyed the opportunity to gather nightly at community dinners – a meaningful routine that he had never experienced. In addition to this supportive atmosphere, he appreciated receiving the basic needs that many take for granted – comfortable housing, clothing, healthcare, and transportation. Without having to consider these necessities, he could clearly focus on changing his life for the better.

“Dismas House set me up for success in many areas of my life. They gave me everything I needed – including things I couldn’t afford on my own when I got out of prison. They didn’t overlook any of it.”

Today, Justin owns a home outside of Nashville and continues growing in his career. Most importantly, he is active in the lives of his children as a single father and enjoys investing in their futures. Thanks to supporters like you, the lives of Justin and his family are forever changed.

As you plan your year-end charitable contributions, please consider making an impact in the lives of more men like Justin – fathers, sons, brothers, and neighbors who deserve a fair chance in our communities. No gift is too small, and every amount contributes to breaking the cycle of incarceration.


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