Reentry Program

Family-Like Atmosphere

Dismas House is an approved Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC) residential reentry program in Nashville that accepts applications from men returning to the community directly from all state prisons and county jails throughout Tennessee. To successfully complete our program, residents must stay a minimum of 90 days.

Dismas House provides our residents with a uniquely warm and family-like atmosphere, in addition to a comprehensive selection of services we cluster under the umbrella of our “Four Pillars,” which are 1) basic needs, 2) health and well-being, 3) life skills, and 4) legal support. Our goal is to support these men as they navigate the challenging transition from prison back into the community and help them overcome the many barriers to successful reentry.

Resident holding a certificate of graduation with the staff

Focusing on Holistic Needs

As a Tennessee reentry program provider, it is our vision that Dismas House residents become self-sufficient, contributing members of society, and never return to prison. Our program, which focuses on the holistic needs of each resident and fosters change from the inside-out, does just that. Finally, since children with an incarcerated parent(s) are five times more likely to go to prison, our program has a generational impact by helping to stop the cycle of crime and punishment.

Program Plan & Phases of Advancement

The minimum length of stay to complete the Dismas House Reentry Program is 90 days and the maximum is 12 months. Once a resident has successfully completed the Dismas Reentry Program, he may, depending on bed availability, individual progress, and other criteria, apply for the Dismas Independent Living Program, which provides the opportunity for a resident who has successfully completed the main Dismas program to continue to live at Dismas House in our affordable housing. Determining the length of stay at Dismas House is a decision made between the resident and his care team based upon the resident’s individual goals, successful achievement of certain benchmarks, and adherence to his treatment plan, if applicable.

Dismas Reentry Program Phases

Join Dismas House for the annual Forgiveness Luncheon: October 3, 2023