Where Dignity Begins: 2023 Year-End Recap


Over the past few weeks, you heard powerful testimonies directly from four men who received the foundation for lasting change through Dismas House’s programming. Thanks to our supportive community, these men had a fair chance for dignity to begin again.

You heard from Justin, who received the tools needed to become the father his children deserve. You met Chris, who now has his own family and finds fulfillment creating art as a barber. You heard from Charles, who is on the path to becoming a Master Electrician. And, you met Brij, who came full circle to establish a meaningful career in Nashville.

These men represent transformation, restored relationships, reunited families, and reimagined futures. They represent the well-being of whole families. When you support Dismas House, you create a ripple effect that positively impacts our entire community.

Together, we will continue improving lives and strengthening our communities to break the cycle of incarceration.


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