Supporting the Whole Person

Dismas House of Nashville has two core programs – our main Reentry Program and an Independent Living Program. Founded in 1974, Dismas House moved from an eight-bed home to a new 72-bed campus in April 2020. The new facility has 56 reentry program beds and 16 independent living units on the fourth floor. Along with this physical expansion and an exponential increase in the numbers of men served came an intentional re-envisioning, redesign, and diversification of our program offerings with an emphasis on supporting the whole person.

We offer our residents a wide array of services that are offered by Dismas House staff or through our many partnerships and collaborations with outside service and program providers.


Reentry Program

Dismas House is an approved Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC) residential reentry program in Nashville that serves men returning to the community from state correctional facilities and county jails. Transitioning from an eight-bed home to a 72-bed campus in 2020 (with 56 reentry beds and 16 independent living units), Dismas House is one of the largest reentry programs of its kind in Tennessee, serving more than 120 men annually.